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The Ultimate Solution in convenience on-road

Simple, speedy and secure fueling process
eFuel is an automated, card-free system, which uses FuelOmat technology to enable the fleet operator to purchase fuel and oil at a participating retail service station in a secure environment.

The eFuel technology confirms that the right vehicle is being filled with no human input required - the pump will not switch on unless authorized by an eFuel-equipped vehicles. During refueling, automatic readings of odometer, vehicle and fuel type, transaction volume and value are recorded, requiring no manual data input. A fully automated process prevents intentional manipulation or accidental error.

Multiple oil company branded solution for 24-hour fuel availability
Customers are serviced via a national network of co-operating service stations that have standardized on the eFuel market offering, including Caltex, Engen, Total and Zenex. To utilize eFuel, customers must have a payment method through a financial institution and may also have a direct relationship with any of the participating oil companies.

The cost-intelligent solution with 24-hour troubleshooting
Aside from experiencing up to 30% savings on fuel purchase, customers also save on staffing and stockholding costs. Of additional benefit is a 24-hour helpdesk to assist with any problems that may occur during the refueling process. In such cases, the driver may use an override code to by pass the VIU and enable refueling. Calls on the helpdesk are logged and remedial action is instantly taken.

Maximum security for enhanced asset control
The eFuel system uses a unique ID chip inserted into the body of the vehicle with the VIU which is programmed using the client's payment or bank card details in a secure environment. The VIU is robust with a life expectancy in excess of 38 years and may be moved from vehicle to vehicle, but the ID chip is vehicle-specific and cannot be moved from vehicle, to vehicle, ensuring maximum security against fraud.

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